Vortex Air Bladeless Fan or a Dyson Fan?

Challenging the big brands

Over many years, Dyson have dominated the household fan market with innovative, sleek & unique designs. Dyson’s hot and cool fan took the industry by storm, launching a fan with no blades, this was something nobody had ever seen before. Their initial high prices reflected their new creations and the fact they were the only company to sell this type of product.

This really was a luxury fan heater & cooler. However due to the extremely high prices, unfortunately it was and still is less cost effective to a considerable amount of people.

As years went by, Hotsnap emerged to become one of UK’s fastest growing online retail companies. Soon after, their Vortex Air™ brand was born. They designed & developed their own version of the Dyson fan. Finally someone was challenging the Dyson AM09. The Vortex Air bladeless fan withholds many of the same features as this Dyson heater & cooler (AM09). 

If you value design flair and engineering excellence then you can’t look any further. The Vortex Air fan is a must have for any stylish room or office. Regardless of the setting, the Vortex Air hot and cold fan shines with superiority enhancing the atmosphere wherever it sits. Its stunning bladeless design sets it apart from old traditional fans, however it now falls into Dyson’s premium category.

It really does tick all the boxes with its all year round capabilities. It’s powerful heating mode keeps you warm during those colder winter months and switch to cool mode to make the hot weather far more bearable in summer. Not all of us are lazy like me, but the remote control is a great touch allowing me to operate the hot and cool fan from a distance in my living room. The Vortex Air fan holds another feature like the Dyson AM09. The oscillating base is very smooth at projecting high velocity air flow around the room.

Furthermore, the timing function works great, especially at night, as I can set the Vortex Air heater & cooler to automatically switch off after 1 hour. You actually have the option to set this timer between 1 to 9 hours. 

The Vortex Air & Dyson AM09 are similar in height just 4cm sets them apart. This means they are compact and easy to store when not in use. Its small base allows it to sit comfortably on the floor or countertop. The Dyson AM09 has a 3 meter cable whereas the Vortex Air is 2 meters in length. However I believe 2 meters is enough to position the bladeless fan conveniently and the extra meter might actually clutter your living area.

The tilting feature is very handy on the Dyson fan, however this is where the Vortex Air has improved its design. Pardon? The Vortex Air has a better feature than the Dyson? Yes! You can tilt the Vortex Air 180 degrees upwards and downwards so you have a more flexible option of airflow direction.

All Year Round Use

How does the air feel? Well both the Dyson & the Vortex Air contain a brushless motor & bladeless design which ensures airflow is not buffeted. You won’t want to revert back to a choppy bladed fan once you’ve tried one of these. These may be more expensive options, however they certainly give you a luxury performance.

How does the Vortex Air sound? Surprisingly for the powerful air projection, it isn’t obsessively loud. On full blast top fan speed, it does kick out some noise, but so does the Dyson AM09. This high setting isn’t usually required for long anyway, because they heat or cool down a room very quickly. A few clicks up on the TV volume and the fan is almost unnoticeable. A boiling kettle, washing machine or cooking cause far more noise disturbance.

Safety is paramount and neither have neglected this vital factor. Once the fan heater has been on for a while even on its highest heating setting, the inside of the air outlet is okay to touch and will not burn your hand or skin if it comes into contact with it. If the unit is accidentally knocked over, they will both automatically turn off. Both of these features are excellent, certainly when you have small children constantly in the surrounding area. 

Should I choose the Dyson fan heater AM09 or the Vortex Air fan heater & cooler? They both have pretty much the same qualities and features. The huge difference is the price. The Dyson AM09 is £399.99 however the Vortex Air is £159.99. That is five eighths more cost effective than the Dyson. You can save £250 if you buy the Vortex Air over the Dyson fan. You’ll get the similar result, look and effect. The extra £250 is paying for the Dyson name written on the fan. 

Similar quality to a Dyson fan but half the price.

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